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Photo Restorations

Nowadays nearly all photo's are restored digitally as this leaves the original in original condition and one can make as many copies and/or parts of copies as one would like.
This is done by scanning the original at the highest possible optical resolution, saving this original scan and then editing copies of this scan.
As those copies can be used by most printers one could use those digital photo copies to reprint the photo's at any size or at any material, including ceramic or iron on transfers.
Storing those edited digital photo's on a CD or DVD will preserve them for many years.

There are very sophisticated photo editing programs available, with which any one can have a go themselves.
However as some of those programs take months to master and understand, it might be advisable to use a professional photo restorer or photo editor to bring that special picture or photo to full life.
If you like such a restoration to be done professionally then we recommend.

Photo Edits.com the place to restore your photo's.