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I'd Like a Catalogue from Rockler's

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Supplies Listing.

As this store part is not operating at this moment in time, people interested in below mentioned items are requested to;
Send us an E-mail mentioning their interest for which supplies.
Gluepots (waterless)
Those waterless Gluepots are fully electronic and (re)warm your Hide Glue or Gesso without damaging the protein structure, as those with waterjackets do, also the can't cook dry.
They are supplied with three inner pots with sealable lids you can soak Glue in one and warm Glue in another one while keeping Gesso in the third.
Veneering Hammer (Bronze)
A Good Quality Bronze Veneering Hammer of good weight with a smooth wide pein and a hammerhead for tapping that Inlay in place.
Bronze Hammers leave no Blue iron marks on the veneer as Iron hammers tend to do.
Veneering Hammer (Wood)
A Good Quality Wooden Veneering Hammer of lighter weight with a smooth wide non-stick plastic pein and a rounded hammerhead for easy applying of pressure with the palm.

Suppliers Listing.

We are currently working on our suppliers listing.
Until our listing is fully operational we provide links to well known Suppliers on this page.
Would you like to become a Franchised Restoration Supplier?
As we are a world wide organization we like to have a good number of franchisees in strategic locations all over the world.
This could be your opportunity as there are many places still available, especially to people whom have experience in Antiques or Antique Restoration.
Becoming a Restoration Supply Franchisee could give your business that added income you've been looking for.
Send an E-mail today for more info.
If there are special supplies you need, whether listed in this program or not, please feel free to ask about them.
Send us an E-mail
We will get back to you with information as soon as possible.


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I'd Like a Catalogue from Rockler's