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Wicker Furniture
Repair and Restoration


Cathryn Peters

Repaired Wicker Rocker As you can see by the photo, almost any wicker furniture piece, in just about any condition, can be repaired by a wicker restoration specialist that knows what they are doing. All the light colored areas are new reed pieces that I replaced on this Victorian reed wicker rocker. The picture was taken after repairs were made, but before final stain and varnish were applied.
My speciality is the Victorian period wicker from the 1880s-1915, they are the ones I enjoy repairing the most. The quality of materials used and the individual craftsmanship was far superior to later periods of wicker furniture production.
As I work, I get caught up in the romance and splendor of the piece and wonder, "What kind of person owned this wicker piece, why did they buy it, what was it's history?" Each piece seems to "talk" to me and conveys a bit of it's story in my hands as I toil, trying to put the Grand Old Dame back in her glory.
There are very few of us wicker restoration specialists across the nation, so when you do find one, be prepared to be put on a waiting list for the appointment. It may take days or months to completely restore your wicker piece, depending on severity of damage, shop scheduling and other factors, but ask for an estimate on turn-around time.
Also, ask to see some of their work, find out what quality of work they do, ask to see a "before and after" photo album, or ask to speak with some of their customers.
Your restoration person will probably give you an estimate of the repair costs and an approximate time needed to complete the work. Ask for a receipt, a work order, or job order, something proving you left the item in their care.
Sometimes the repair costs far outweigh the value of the wicker item and in that case, you must ask yourself if it's worth getting it repaired. Do you want the repairs made because it's a precious family heirloom, does it have sentimental value, damage is being paid by your insurance company, or are you getting it repaired for resale? All these questions are valid and the answers will help make your decision.
Keep in mind that once an antique is gone, it's gone forever.
Try everything you can to care for and preserve those fine antique pieces.
Repair, restore and refurbish.
Sometimes, all they may need is a new coat of paint or to be cleaned up. And remember, you can't make another antique to take it's place, a reproduction is just that, a reproduction.
Although I have been in the business of wicker restoration and sales for 25 years, I am not certified to make appraisals on wicker furniture, and will not honor the requests at this time.
You might check on my (Cathryn Peters ) Great Links page for Richard Saunder's website. He does do appraisals, (and charges a nominal fee), for folks all across the nation.
Eventually, I will add more "before and after" pictures to this page, but for now, click on the links below to see my PhotoPoint wicker repair albums.

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