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Wood Samples

Here are samples of Hardwoods and Softwood arranged alphabetically.
If you have any, not mentioned here, please E-mail to us.

African Walnut Lovoa klaineana Fam; Meliaceae
This wood is not a true walnut ( Juglans spp.) but, although brown in color, related to African Mahogany.The darker stripes gives it some resemblance to Walnut although it has the tipycal tropical interlocking stripy grain simular to all african mahoganies.
Other names are;lovoa wood, congowood, alona wood, dibétou(Ivorycoast), dubini-biri, temamire (Ghana), apopo, sida (Nigeria), bibolo (Cameroon), nvero (Sp. Guinea)lifaki pembe, bombolo (Congo).
S.G. 0.55

Aspen Populus tremuloides .
This white/greywhite timber is finely grained, is only stable when well dried
Other names;peppel, populieren,pappel (Ger.)poplar, cottonwood (USA, Can. ).
S.G. 0.45

Avodire Mottled Turraenthus africana .

Avodire Plain Turraenthus africana .

Beech Northern Fagus granfolia .

Benge Guiourtia ehie .

Bog Oak Quercus .

Bubinga Guibertia demeusil .

Cedar Aromatic Juniperus virginiana .

Cherry U.S.A Prunus serotina .

Elm Diospyros spp. .

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus spp. .

Goncola Alves Brazil Astronium fraxinifolium .

Gumwood Liquidambar styraciflua .

Harewood Acer pseuduplatanus .

Harewood Acer pseuduplatanus .

Holly U.S.A. Ilex opaca .

Kelobra Mexico Enterolobium cycocarpum .

Silky Oak Australia Carwellia sublimus .

Mahogany Honduras Swietenia spp. .

Mahogany Macore Mimusops heckelii .

Mahogany Sapelie Entrandrophragma cylindricum .

Mahogany Straight Khaya ivorensis .

Maple Sycamore Acer saccharinum .

Oak Japanese Quercus spp. .

Oak Sliced Quercus spp. .

Oak White Quatered Quercus alba .

Paldao Dracontomelum dao .

Pearwood Europe Pyrus communis .

Pecan USA Carya illinoensis .

Purpleheart Surinam Peltogyne paniculata .

Queensland Walnut Endiandra palmerstonii .

Sycamore (Rockmaple) Plantanus occidentalis .

Walnut France Juglans regia .

Walnut France Plainleaf Juglans regia .

Walnut USA Plainleaf Juglans vigra .

Walnut USA Quartered straight Juglans vigra .

White Pine

White Pine Quartered Pinus strobus .

Zebrawood Cynometra lujaei .